NEPTUNE Engineering - Precision and General Engineering
NEPTUNE Engineering - Precision and General Engineering

Precision and General Engineering   |   Port Elizabeth   |   South Africa

The Company

The Company was started in 1946 by Arthur Allanson, as a Precision and General Engineering Company and Foundry. It made various parts under license for the tobacco industry together with machined castings for wood working equipment. In the mid 60's the Foundry was closed and the Company concentrated on the general engineering requirements of the growing industrial market in Port Elizabeth. Under the management of the late Jim Combley, the Company positioned itself in the market to meet the needs of the light to medium and heavy engineering market. The sectors serviced included the chemical, construction and automotive related companies to mention a few.

Under the leadership of James Combley, the Business has continued to concentrate on these sectors of the market. It continues to pride itself with the quick turnaround in all work undertaken.

The Business provides an Apprenticeship program for Welders and Turners. The extent of the facilities and the continuing improvement of technology and equipment has ensured that this program provides an environment for the Apprentice to master the many skills required in his choice of field.

The Business recently enlarged its Fabrication Facilities by 360 m2 and installed a 10 ton gantry crane which services this area.

The Business is now registered as a Closed Corporation and is BEE rated.