Neptune Engineering specialises in precision engineering, general machining and fabrication projects.



Turning 2000m Diameter x 600 long Rollers, Shafts, Mounting Plates, Flanges
1200mm Diameter x 4000 long
Milling Up to 6000 L x 1800 W x 1500 H Machine and Fixture Bases, Drilling, Slots
Grinding 300 x 600 long As Required
Threads Metric and Imperial Pipes, shafts
Gears Spur, Bevel, Helical, Worm – Non Automotive. As Required
Keyways Broaching up to 300mm long
Drilling Facilities for Drilling Hardwearing Plate


BendingUp to 40mm plate on 350 ton Press

Guillotining 16mm Plate x 3000 long
Bending Up to 40mm plate on 350 ton Press
Up to 8mm Plate on 120 ton Press
Rolling Up to 40mm Plate – length dependant. ( 25mm x 2600)
Plasma Cutting up to 25mm Stainless Steel
Welding Fronius MIG System, TIG and Electrode
Materials Mild, Stainless, Wear and High Temperature Steels.
Rolling Pipe Sections up to 4″ Sched 40 Pipe
Angle Sections up to 80×80 Pipe
Square Tube up to 60×60
Various Profiles
Stainless Tube Rolling up to 50mm – Radius Dependent
Screw Flight Bending Forming of segmented screw flights up to 600mm with capacity up to 2500mm diameter in various materials and thicknesses Screw Conveyors


Inventor 2016 Stress Analysis Package